Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Cut Paper Creations

The other day when I was checking snail mail :-) To my dismay my inbox was filled with a lot of junk mail. Wanted to do something out of it instead of dumping them into the trash ( like I always do) . Hence Green Art was born !!
These are the photo's of my creations.


  1. This is a really creative thing. You should totally promote this concept. If you can frame some interesting pieces and put them up on walls they'd look awesome! And, will add a very contemporary feel to the room too! Neat! Love the idea!!

  2. Yes Deepti, I have already done this(i mean framing & put them up on walls).Did more of it. Will post more pics soon. I encourage you too try it. You can also ask Lil Sam to try it too. This way we can make our planet a lot greener !