Sunday, September 12, 2010

Painting Fabulous Flowers-- Crocus

 " Spring unlocks the flowers to paint the laughing soil." -- Reginald Heber

Spring ! glorious spring!. It is my favorite season-- a time of new beginnings, new growth and fresh starts. Marking the end of cold winter days, spring brings the excitement of first leaves opening,flowers peeking out of the damp ground and fragrant blossoms.

The crocus is one of the first spring flowers to bloom.Sometimes they even pop up in the snow if they're in a sheltered area where the sun warms the ground a bit. Their bright colors are a welcome after a cold winter.
The crocuses are easy to paint because they have large petals.

My Color Palette: 
  1. Viridian Hue + Mars Black to get a Black Forest Green
  2. Brilliant Red
  3. Medium Yellow
  4. Pthalo Green
  5. Light Green
  6. Burnt Umber
  7. Titanium White
Brushes used for this project:
  1. no 8 flat
  2. no 1 liner
  3. 1-inch flat brush
 Note : I used Reeves Acrylic Color Set for this project


-- A letterhead/A4 size paper

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