Monday, December 3, 2012

My entry for Doodle Challenge

I try to challenge myself by taking part in Art Contests just to see where I stand. I tell myself to be Fearless, be  innovative   and always stand out of a crowd. My advice to all artists is  not to shy away from taking part  in art competitions because they may be beginners ( Every one has been a beginner at some point in their life). Don't worry if you win or not, There's always a next time.    

The photo below is my entry for Art Supply Doodle challenge organised by Cloth Paper Scissors magazine. Rules are as follows: 
  • Create an original doodle of your art supplies, but there's a catch: you can only use one color . . . or you can make it black-and-white.
  • Your submission must be on a flat 4" x 6" substrate. That substrate can be paper, mat board, canvas board, or other, as long as it fits the size requirement of 4" x 6".
  • Your doodle must be free of any text or images that are protected by copyright, unless you have the expressed written permission from the person or institution that holds the copyright and you provide that written permission with your submission.
  • It cannot be any doodle-- It must be a doodle of your art supplies only. 
  • Results/Winners  will be announced in March issue 2013
And here's  my entry: 

Title: My Yummy Art Supplies
Size: 4"X6 ", Acid free Sketch Paper
Medium: Black ball point pen

This  4" X 6" doodle is created on an Acid Free Sketch paper using a black ball point pen. This is 
a doodle of some of my favorite art supplies like pencil, watercolor pencil crayon,micron 
pens,paint brush, water soluble oil pastels,glitter glue,acrylic paint tube, small container  of water with a tight fitting lid, eraser, palette, sketch pad and cup of coffee. In case you are  wondering  what is a cup of coffee doing in the midst of my art supplies? Well, I have a confession to make-- I paint with coffee !

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