Thursday, August 4, 2016

My Artistic Updates

Here are some of my recent Artistic updates

1) On Aug 1, 2016 my iPad Art was featured in the Cover of Kathy Qi's  key2arts Bay Area Community Newsletter.--  Newsletter Issue 96 Bay Area Art Events for Aug 1 to Aug 10,2016.

Here is  a snapshot: 

2) My iPad art was featured for  June 2016 group challenge at Lisa's Lachri Fine art Facebook group challenge.Tropical was the theme for June 2016. Here is the video link of my  featured  iPad Art

3) The theme for July 2016 group challenge at Lachri Fine art Facebook group challenge was "Trees". Here is my entry for this challenge

Title: The Majestic Tree
Medium: Pencils on Printer Paper, 12 by 16" 

Update: Happy to inform you all that the above painting -- The Majestic Tree was featured  for the July 2016 group art challenge at Lisa's Lachri Fine Art. Trees was the theme for this challenge.  Here is the YouTube video link to check out my artwork ---  Trees Challenge

4) Early June 2016 two of my iOrnament Art (iPad Art)  was featured under "User Creations with iOrnament 2.0 " in their Facebook page. Here are some snapshots of my featured paintings:

5) Sunnyvale Art Club hosts the yearly juried Library show at the Sunnyvale Library. I created this postcard for this show using only my iPad. Show was in June 2016. I did not participate this year but I got a chance to create the postcard. Here is the picture.

6) For the months of June and July I was the featured artist at the City Attorney's Office located across the Sunnyvale Library W.Olive Ave, Sunnyvale,CA. Here is a picture of my painting:

Title: Jekyll and Hyde
Medium: Acrylic Painting on 16 by 16" canvas

7)  The Tomato painting below  is done using "Kohinoor Woodless Color Pencils in Canson's Acid Free Sketch Paper. Photo Reference Credit: Sally Robertson. This is for the Color Pencil Magazine July 2016 Monthly Challenge. 

I am thankful for being a part of this vibrant art community and I thank everyone who featured my artworks  in various social media/ websites/ public locations etc.