Thursday, May 6, 2021

Some of my favorite YouTube Crafts Channels

 Below is a list of some of my favorite YouTube  Crafts Channels. I draw inspiration  from these artists  whenever I run out of ideas. 

Please Note: This post is mainly geared towards to  all things craftsy. I posted an earlier post on my favorite Drawing and Painting YouTube Art channels. Please feel free to check up that post here if you are interested.

YouTube Crafts Channels

1) Creative Mom

This channel  is my personal  favorite  because  I love fairies , fairy  houses and anything  related to fairyland. She has tons of DIY’s related to fairy houses and the best part is she uses recycled  items to create her magic. She mostly works on  clay, paper  mache and recycled items for her projects.

2)  Origami with Jo Nakashima

If you  like Origami like I do, then this is the channel for you.  This is also my favorite channel  to learn origami  and this channel  offers tutorials  on how to create your models for anyone  in any level. There are tons of tutorials ranging from simple,  intermediate and  advanced levels to follow along. 

3) The Crafty Chica, Kathy Cano-Murillo

Her channel   has tons to Resin Crafts and  DIY’s, Fabric Tie -Dye crafts and Paper with mixed media related crafts are some of the crafts that you will find in her channel. All her crafts are easy to follow along as well. 

4) Mark Montano

This channel  offers tons of DIY’s related to home decor , jewelry design , furniture and fashion  design.  I like the fact that most of his DIY’s are unique  yet easy to follow along. 

5)  Creative Cat

This channel is about making arts and crafts simple for everyone  to follow  along. She offers lots of crafts related to bottle art, Diwali crafts, home decor  using recycling  items  and clay related crafts. 

6) SoCraftastic

This channel  has tons of DIY’s on how to make your own Soap’s and Candle’s. She also has her own playlist on how to create unique crafts using crayons which is my personal favorite. 

7) Clayitnow

This channel  offers crafts related to fairy houses, toad stools , miniature  figurines, castle/ houses, clay flowers, and other DIY craft ideas with  any type of sculpting materials, especially air dry clay, store bought or homemade clay and  waste like glass bottle, jars, cardboard, paper, etc.

8) IdunnGoddess

This channel  has  tons of DIY’s on how to make your own school  supplies, Miniature Zen Gardens, DIY Pillows, DIY phone cases and a variety  of other crafts.

I hope that you found this article useful. Please let me know in the comments   below which is your  favorite channel in this list.  And let me know in the comments below   what other craft  related channels that I can add to this list. 

Thank you for reading.

Thursday, April 1, 2021

The Colors of Spring

 Spring is the time when nature awakens. Everything is fresh, alive and new. Light blue skies, vivid greens and yellows of new growth lift the spirits at the end of winter, as life returns to the sleeping land.

The color palette of spring  is bright and vibrant. Some of the basic colors of Spring  are:

  1. Greens  such as Sap Green, Olive Green, Hooker’s Green, Viridian Green, Winsor Green, Light Cobalt Turquoise  and Chromium Oxide Green.

Color Green Meaning
The Color Green Signifies Growth, New Life, Hope and Positivity 

For me, Green is the color of Spring because everything comes back to life after a long winter slumber. Nature rejuvenates, the snow melts and everywhere fresh green pops up.

During  the Springtime we see  flowers blooming , tree and bushes  covered in different  shades of green thus suggesting new growth and radiating a sense of positivity  all around us.

2) Yellows such as Lemon yellow and Cadmium Yellow

Meaning of Yellow Color
The Yellow Color Signifies Optimism, Fun, Full of Energy and Creativity

For me, Yellow is a warm and friendly color. Yellow is often associated with the sun. During spring, it almost seems like the sun changes its light from a cold white to a warm and glowing yellow. Yellow is the brightest color of the spectrum and the lightest color perceivable by the human eye.

Not only  does the sun adds a yellow tint to our environment during spring,   we also see many flowers blooming  and adding  golden accents to nature. 

Daffodils, Buttercups and Freesias are some of the prominent flowers of spring which brings a sense of happiness  and warmth  to nature. 

3) Pink such as a  Soft Pink

Pink Color Meaning
Pink Color Signifies Feminism, Tenderness, Love and Romance

For me, Pink is one of  Springtime's  softer and gentler colors. Soft pink Cherry blossoms  can be found either speckled around cities or meadows during springtime or covering whole parks and streets.Pink peonies and camellia flowers blossom during spring and adds a touch of romance  to the slightly pinkish scenery.

These  are some of the colors that you will come across  in the  Spring. Let me know in the comments  section   below what is your favorite Springtime  color?

Thank you for reading. 


Thursday, March 25, 2021

Some of my favorite YouTube Art Channels

 Below is a list of some of my favorite YouTube Artist’s Art Channel. I draw inspiration  from these artists  whenever I experience an artist  block.

Please Note: This post is mainly geared towards to Drawing and Painting activities . There will be a separate  post on all things craftsy! So please  stay tuned for that. 


1)  The Art of Aaron Blaise  by artist Aaron Blaise

This is one  my  art favorite  channels. Being wildlife lover myself , I enjoy how he adds character and personality  to his wildlife artworks. If you are interested  in Animation then this is the right channel  for you. I personally like the live demo sessions because  I can draw along and learn a technique or two. Some of the mediums that the artist uses are Photoshop/Digital painting , Watercolor, and other media.

2) James Gurney by artist James Gurney

This channel  is for artists  who are interested  in  concept art/character art, Illustration , plein - air art, drawing animals in watercolors, oil and other media and art students who are interested in learning how to draw and paint. This is my favorite  channel  because  every time I watch this channel I learn something  new. 

3) Lachri Fine Art by artist  Lisa Clough

This channel  is for artists from a professional  artist. She mostly  does wildlife paintings in a variety  of mediums such as Colored pencils, Acrylics , Inktense, Oil, Markers and a variety  of other mediums. I personally  like her fantasy themed wildlife paintings and enjoy her livestreams that she hosts  on weekly basis. 

4)The Frugal Crafter by artist  Lindsay Weirich

This channel  is for artists who are interested  in a variety  of arts and crafts techniques such as watercolor paintings, painting in oils, card making, art journalling, mixed media, colored pencils, jewelry making, sewing, knitting etc. She even offers tips and tricks on how to store your art and craft supplies. The thing that I like most in her channel are the live painting  sessions, card making tips, and her product reviews. I also enjoy her  Sketchbook Sunday painting series and art storage ideas as well. 

5)Proko by artist  Stan Prokopenko

If you are interested  in drawing  or want to improve  your drawing skills then this channel is for you. I enjoy his figure drawing series, caricature  series and drawing hands series. 

Other Fun mentions that I like  to include  in this list are: 

  1. Bonny Snowdon Fine Art by artist Bonny Snowdon

She is a UK based wildlife artist. She mostly works on Colored Pencils. The thing that I like most is her  draw along sessions, tutorials and her tips and tricks on growing  your art business.  Being a colored pencil artist myself and somebody  who loves wildlife , I plan on taking her workshops once this pandemic  is over sometime in the future. 

2) Vicky Papaioannou by artist Vicky Papaioannou

Her channel  is mostly about art journaling , mixed media and card making tutorials. I absolutely  enjoy her art journaling videos because  it is always fun and I like her creative ideas. 

3)  Artyshills Art by artist Shilpa Lalit

This channel offers some fun acrylics and mixed media painting tips and techniques. Her method of painting  is both unique and beautiful  which I like most about  her artworks. 

4) Kattvalk by artist Marie Nilsson

If you love cats then this channel  offers a lot of artworks inspired  by cats. She does  mostly Illustration  type of art which I think will be suitable  for children’s book Illustrations. She uses a variety of mediums from markers to watercolors and everything  in between  to create art. 

5) Drawing and Painting -- The Virtual Instructor by artist  Matt Fussell

This channel  features a lot of Drawing, painting, and digital art tutorials on a variety of subjects and media by this artist. My personal  favorites  include his timed drawing lessons, colored pencil lessons and his drawing techniques series. 

I hope that you found this article useful. Please let me know in the comments  section  below who is your  favorite YouTube  artist in this list.  And let me know in the comments  below what other art related channels that I can add to this list. 

Thank you for reading.

Wednesday, February 24, 2021

A Free Coloring Page for You!

 A couple of years ago, I participated in a collaborative art  project called "Doodles for Donation", where artists were invited to create doodles which were later published as coloring books to be distributed for senior retirement homes as a way to relieve their stress. 

I am glad to say that this  doodle below  was accepted as a part of their jury process. 

I am sharing this coloring page here for you to print it out and color it any which way you like so that it can relieve your stress as well. 

Gossip Time Coloring Page
Title: Gossip Time!

I am  someone who loves birds and also being an active birder , I decided to create this doodle. I imagined that the birds are meeting other birds on a hot summer day and are enjoying   and  gossiping on  the events of their day and that's the inspiration for this doodle.   

You have my permission to color this page. But please don't sell the coloring page that I have created. 

I would love to see your creations and please share your art with me on Instagram using the hashtag #coloringcreativejayu

Have a fun time coloring!

Friday, January 22, 2021

Quick Tip: How to paint with a toothbrush?

 To ring in the New Year , I thought  I will share with you a fascinating technique on how to use a toothbrush to try an interesting technique with watercolors. This is also a fun project  to do with kids or the kid in you!

Painting with a Toothbrush
Painting with a Toothbrush 

Toothbrushes work really well with liquid watercolors.Their bristles are stiffer than those of normal watercolor brushes and this creates a different kind of line.

Colorful Rooster

How to paint a rooster using a toothbrush

This is an example of a really dynamic effect created by a toothbrush as a finishing touch to an illustration.

Step 1:  Paint the rooster using watercolor as I have done here, leaving a space for the tail feathers.

Colorful Rooster

Step 2:  Dip the toothbrush in the liquid watercolor and use it to paint a spiky tail. Use two or three colors so that they mix together slightly.

Colorful Rooster

Step 3:  Add some rough strokes with the toothbrush under the rooster to give the vague impression of a horizontal surface to ground the image.

And that's  it, you now have a colorful  rooster that is ready to take on the world!

I hope you enjoyed  this mini tutorial and if you tried this technique   share with me in the comments  below or tag me on Instagram — @creativejayu I would  love to see what you create. 

Color is the place where our brain and the universe meet." -- Paul Klee

Friday, October 2, 2020

How Do You Make Art When You Are Experiencing an Artist Block?

 I think that every artist goes through some flat periods where they lack some creative inspiration. You end up staring at your canvas on the easel  for hours  wondering  what to paint on it. You barely paint a stroke on your canvas. Sometimes these things turn into days or weeks or years. This is known as the dreaded artist block. 

Here are my top  five tips for you that have worked for me and helped me  overcome the dreaded artist block

 1) Join an Art Club 

Being a part of an Art Club  can definitely inspire an artist to pick up the brush and paint. You get to be a part of a vibrant art community  and see artworks of other artists. By talking to other artists as to how they created their artworks and learning their art techniques can get your creative juices flowing. I feel very fortunate to be a member of the Sunnyvale Art Club for  about 11 years at the time of writing  this post. And every time we  have  a meeting , it motivates me to go and pick up my brushes. 

Sunnyvale Art Club

Quick Tip: If you don't  have access to an art club in your area, then Youtube is your next best friend. 

2) Take a Break from your studio and go for a Walk

 The  best way that I found out to get over the dreaded artist block is to take a break from my studio and go for a walk at my local park. I would also take   a pencil and my journal and my camera.  I would then go and do some field sketching of the wildlife  like observing wildlife behavior of the animal/bird and then draw and record it on my nature journal while I am at the park. I would also do sketches of  flowers , stones or anything that I find interesting and draw them onto my nature journal. I would also use this opportunity to snap some  pictures which I can use as reference photos for my future artworks. 

Field sketching helps me overcome my artist block  by igniting new ideas for future paintings thus cultivating a richer experience of being creative. 

Mallard Duck

 3) Read an instructional Art book

Reading an instructional art book has helped me fire up my creative juices. Here is a good book that I recommend reading :

Daily Painting: Paint Small and Often To Become a More Creative, Productive, and Successful Artist by Carol Marine. 

Daily Painting Book

I think it is a great book for someone who wants to pursue painting but are short on time. Daily Painting focuses on painting in regular intervals and creating many small paintings using an alla prima technique.   This book has many how- to lessons , by following along I find that I am learning new art techniques found in this book  which in turn helps me keep my creativity alive. 

4)  Visit an Art Museum 

Visiting an art museum for me definitely cures my artist block. Looking at artworks by  the great masters inspires me to pick up my painting brush and paint on my canvas. 

Art Museum

If you are not able to visit an art museum, then you can peruse some of the master paintings online at Museum of Modern Art ( MoMA, New York) . This website has tons of information of modern and contemporary  artists.   I like  looking  into the artist artworks, reading  about them and try to understand what elements worked so well for them and make them work for me.  Another favorite  website of mine is the Google Arts and Culture website. This website features content from over 1200 leading museums. There are tons of articles to get you motivated. 

Website links:

MoMA, New York---

Google Arts and Culture--

5) Cleaning up your Art studio/ art space

Sometimes cleaning up your art studio/ space and removing clutter in your art space can do the trick. I would move things around my art space/ studio and maybe  re-decorate my space with some  of my favorite things in my case it is figurines/ toys of reptiles in  my art space to get into the mood of creating art. 

Picture of my small art space where I create my masterpieces!

I hope these tips help you to get past the dreaded artist block and help you pick up your brush and create your own masterpiece. Let me know in the comments below how do you get rid of the dreaded artist block or if you have found this article useful  or which one is your favorite way to overcome an artist block