Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Invisible-- Illustration Friday Weekly Challenge

This painting is my entry for this week's Illustration Friday weekly challenge. This painting is a one from my Tornado series that I am working on. This painting is done on an iPad using the Artrage app.

Title: The power of a Tornado !
Medium: iPad painting/Digital painting
Apps used: Artrage App

With invisible as the theme of this post,  I will leave you all with another quote by Greg MacGillivray
" At first, the tornado is nearly invisible. Against the sky, it's white on white."--  Greg MacGillivray


Monday, July 14, 2014

Minion Mayhem !

The painting below is done using an Ipad using the Art rage app. Inspiration for this doodle is from  an advertisement from Disneyland's newest attraction --  Minion Mayhem .

Title: Minion Mayhem
Apps Used: Artrage
Medium: Ipad painting

Today I will leave you all with another quote (picture taken from the internet). See you all with another creative post soon. 

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Inspiration from children

The painting below is an inspiration I got from a children's book on how to educate them to teach art. It is called "Scribble drawing" where you become a child again and scribble across the piece and come with imaginary creatures. I created this painting on my iPad using the Artrage App.

Title: Bird on a Tree
Medium: iPad painting
Apps used: Artrage

Since this painting was inspired from a children's book I am going to leave you all with a wonderful quote from Benjamin Franklin.

teach your children, parenting, quote, learning,

Friday, June 27, 2014

Yippee-------- I made it to the top 100 artists

 Feeling Accomplished: There was a call for artists by the Mobile Digital Summit for this show and there were a whooping  number of 720 entries from artists all around the world for this.  All entries were juried and only top 100 artworks from artists around the world were selected. I made it to the top 100 Mobile Digital Artists from artist's around the world. Results were announced on June 20,2014 (Pacific Std Time).

The  Grand Opening of Mobile Digital Art Exhibition will be  on August 1st,2014, Friday 5:30pm - 8pm,There will be Fun, Music, Food & Wine, Live iPad painting, FREE entry! All are welcome.

The 2 Day Summit will be on Aug 2nd,2014 ( Saturday) and Aug 3rd,2014 ( Sunday) between 8:30 am to 5.00pm. There will be workshops and masterclasses and it is a paid event. For program info and registration details please visit this link http://www.mdacsummit.org/program.html

Venue: The Exhibition and Summit will be held in the Pacific Art League’s newly renovated historic building at 668 Ramona Street, Palo Alto, CA 94301.

Jury panel for Mobile Digital Art Exhibition are as follows: 

  •  David Jon Kassen is an internationally recognized contemporary American painter, filmmaker, and philanthropist best known for his life-size representational paintings, which combine figurative subjects with abstract backgrounds or “tromp l’oeil texture studies.
  • Kyle Lambert is a British Visual Artist who is known for his digital painting and illustration work created with the iPad and Mac.Kyle's recent photo realistic iPad portrait of Morgan Freeman created an internet sensation. It received over 13 million views on YouTube and continue to attract global media coverage on iPad paintings. 
  • Susan Murtaugh,  is a graduate of the Chicago Academy of Fine Art. She's worked over 40 years in advertising and graphic design, including 25 years as Principal of her own design firm. Her work and tutorials have been featured in Digital Artist Magazine and online. She has curated several international digital art shows, She loves teaching others the joys of mobile digital art.
  • Jo Killen has an  MA in Art Education from Manhattanville in New York. She brings years of experience in art teaching varying from pottery and sculptor to commercial art as graphic designer, illustrator and art director.  She is currently the exhibition chair and president of the Board of Pacific Art League, Palo Alto. 
  • Corliss Blakely, an established professional artist and seventh generation Vermonter, paints still lifes and landscapes in a classically realist style. Corliss received her formal art training in Boston where she studied at the Vesper George Art School and The Museum School Of Fine Art. Corliss is an internationally recognized artist for her work in several media, including watercolor, oil, and egg tempera. Her paintings hang in collections worldwide. Corliss is one of many professional artists who are embracing the iPad. The iPad lets her create anywhere without the space requirements, supply expenses. and toxic exposure of traditional media.
Note: Information about the Jury panel taken from this website  http://www.mdacsummit.org/jury-panel.html

Here is a picture of the painting that made it to the top 100 

Title: The Radiant Star
Medium: iPad Painting
Apps used: Fractile Plus and Artrage

See you all soon with another creative post soon. Thanks for hopping by. 

" A Creative Attitude is the fuel of progress and growth"

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Awards --- In recent months this year (2014) from my Art Club monthly competition

Here are some pictures of paintings that won awards (ribbons)  in the recent months for the club's monthly art competition. 

Title: Remembering my pet "Alilu"
Size: 9"x 12" Watercolor paper
Medium: Pen and Ink
This painting " Remembering my pet Alilu"  won 2nd place at the Monthly Art Competition held on June 19,2014 at the Sunnyvale Art Club. The monthly theme was " Animals"

Title: Padma-- The Sacred Lotus
Size: 11 x 14", Watercolor paper
Medium: Pen and Ink
This painting " Padma-- The Sacred Lotus" won 3rd place on April 18,2014 at the monthly art competition.(  don't have a picture with the ribbon for this) from Sunnyvale Art Club. The theme was "Flowers" for month of  April. 

Title: Airavata-- The Elephant in Heaven
Size: 12 x 16"
Medium: Pen and Ink

This painting " Airavata-- The Elephant in Heaven " won 2nd place on March 21, 2014 at the monthly art competition.(  don't have a picture with the ribbon for this) from Sunnyvale Art Club. The theme was " Anything Goes" for the month in March. 

With Awards/Ribbons as a theme for this post, I came across this wonderful quote from Jane Fonda for you all to think about.  

See you all with another Creative post soon. 

"You don't learn from successes; you don't learn from awards; you don't learn from celebrity; you only learn from wounds and scars and mistakes and failures. And that's the truth." -- Jane Fonda

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Summer-- Illustration Friday Weekly challenge

For me Summer means lots of flowers blooming and lots of ice cream ! ( yes I have to admit i have an incorrigible sweet tooth) , so below pictures are my entries to this week's Illustration Friday's weekly challenge. These paintings are done using an iPad.   

Title: Summer Blooms
Medium: iPad Painting
Apps used: Artrage

Title: My Splendid Ice-cream !
Medium: iPad painting
Apps used: Artrage
With Summer as theme of this post, I am going to leave you all with this quote for you all to ponder on

" Every Summer has a Story" -- Unknown 

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

I am on a Mobile Painting Spree :)

I have  a confession to make, yes I am addicted to my mobile device and also creating art with it. Here is the proof of the pudding!

Title: Jumbo-- The Royal Elephant
Medium: Ipad painting
Apps Used: Wordfoto

Title: Storm Over  Monument Valley
Medium: Ipad painting
Apps used: Artrage and Wordfoto

Title: Spring is Here
Medium: Ipad painting
Apps used: Artrage and Wordfoto

I will leave  you all with yet  another quote on creativity by Albert Einstein. Until then take care and create art outside a paintbrush ! :)

"Creativity is seeing what everyone else has seen, and thinking what no one else has thought."--  Albert Einstein

Note: Copyright Content will not appear on prints ordered. 

Thank you for saying "Hello" to my blog :)