Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Marie Antoinette, Diva and L Challenge this week's challenge

This week's theme at Digital Whisper is my favorite theme -- Marie Antoinette

I created this using the iPad using Procreate app. Photo of Marie Antoinette from Google search. Rest of it is my creation.  I decided to go with a black and white  scheme for my challenge this week

Here is my entry for  this week's challenge

Title: Marie Antoinette
Medium: iPad Art
Apps used: Procreate
 If you want some creative inspiration or want to participate  then do head over to this blog   http://digitalwhisper.blogspot.com.au/

This week's at the Diva we must use tangles that are organic or natural. This is my entry for this week's challenge

Title: I love my heart !
Medium: Sharpies and Sakura Micron Pens

If you would like to participate for this week's challenge then visit

My entry for TNTM weekly challenge is we have to use tangles starting from the letter "L" and also use tangles from the artist in focus -- J. J. LaBarbera

This is my entry for this week's challenge 

Tangles used for the TNTM challenge are Ticking, Arc Flower, Lichen, Lokomotive and I don't know the name of the heart like tangle. If you know then please  do let me know in the comments.

If you want to participate for this week's challenge, head over to this link

Thank you all for your time and lovely comments ! 

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Monday, July 20, 2015

iPad Art --Sunnyvale Summer Camp Pics

I am truly  blessed that I was able to inspire a curious group of children to create art using their iPad. Students were taught how to use Paper by 53 app and Procreate.

This  week long ( July 13 to July 17,2015) camp was held at the Sunnyvale Community Center, Sunnyvale CA. Age group of children were 7 to 9 years.

I thank the team at  Mobile Art Academy and the staff at the Sunnyvale Community Center for making this possible.

And here are the artworks of my amazing and talented  students. All of them did a wonderful job !

Title: Space
Medium: iPad Art
Apps used: Procreate

Title: Alien kid
Medium: iPad Art
Apps used: Procreate

Title: US Flag
Medium: iPad Art
Apps used: Procreate

Title: Dragon
Medium: iPad Art
Apps used: Paper by 53

Title: Girl with a Dog
Medium: iPad Art
Apps used: Paper by 53

Title: Donut
Medium: iPad Art
Apps used: Paper by 53

Title: Softball Rules
Medium: iPad Art
Apps used: Procreate

Title: Dog
Medium: iPad Art
Apps used: Procreate

Title: Love
Apps used: Procreate
Medium: iPad Art

And here is a picture of a  surprise beautiful  looking   bouquet of flowers from one of the child's parent that I received  on the last day of camp. It was quite a surprise for me!

Thank you very much!

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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Yippee I made it to MDAC 2015

I am honored to have my painting selected for the upcoming MDAC summit at the Palo Alto Art Center. I thank the judges and everyone at Mobile Art Academy for their time and efforts for this to happen. 
This is the second consecutive year that my iPad art is being selected for this prestigious event. There were about 700 + artworks submitted  from artists  around the world and my painting made it to the Top 100 this year. 

I generally don't brag   but I am genuinely  happy that my painting made it this year too. 

Here is a picture of my iPad art that had been juried onto. 

Title: Apsara
Medium: iPad Art
Apps used: Sketch club

 And here are the artworks  of all other artists from all around the globe. 

If you want to be inspired by artists from around the world and meet them perhaps then do drop by at the Palo Alto Art Center, Palo Art, CA. The Mobile Art And Creativity Summit for 2015 will be  in August 2015 on Aug 7,8 and 9th a three day Mobile Art and Creativity summit.

Grand opening for Mobile Digital art Exhibition will be on Aug 7, 2015 Friday from 5:30 pm to 8 pm.There will be Fun, Music, Food and Wine, Live iPad painting and some creative inspiration. This event is FREE.

If you have been inspired enough and don't know where to begin then do join the 2-Day Summit Saturday August 8, 2015 and Sunday August 9,2015 from 8:30 am to 5 pm for workshops and masterclasses.   This is a PAID event. You need to  REGISTER before you drop by. Here is the link

Do head over to http://www.mdacsummit.org/    for other useful info. 

 I am  looking forward to see artworks of all other artists and get energized creatively. 

" Creativity is a Wild Mind and a Disciplined Eye." -- Dorothy Parker 


Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Two challenges in One Tile

This week at That's New To Me Challenge the random letter is "H". We have to use tangles starting from the letter H that you have never used before.  We also have to use any tangle the artist in focus has created on our tile.  The artist in focus for this week is Michele Beauchamp

I used Henna Drum and Heart vine. I used Michele's "Brayd" tangle and "Wist" tangle for this week's challenge. I also used Carole Ohl's " Featherfall" tangle.  I  also used " Poke root" tangle because it is my most favorite tangle and I tend to use it as often as I can. 
For this piece I used Henna Drum as a string to the tile. 

This week at the Diva challenge blog we have to limit our color palette  to 2 to 3 colors. I used Orange and Green Colors.  I used a Sharpie for this week's challenge. I decided I will combine both the challenges in  a single tile. 

Title: Henna Drum, Heart vine, Brayd, Wist, Featherfall and Poke root
Medium: Sakura Micron Pens and  Sharpies

I totally enjoyed this week's TNTM and Diva's challenge. It was fun.  Thank you !

" Every Child Begins the World Again." -- Henry David Thoreau


Wednesday, July 1, 2015

N tangle, Tipple and Umble Challenge

Here is my entry for this weeks challenge  at SuzyMosh's  blog. For this weeks challenge we have to use any tangle that starts with the letter "N" and we must also use the artist in focus - Neil Burley's tangles on the tile. He is a mixed media artist, designer,tutor based in UK.

I used all new tangles for this week's challenge. I used Susan McNeill's  " Nine Patch" tangle, Beth Snoderly’s  " Neuron" tangle and two of Neil Burley's   tangles  " Leggo" and " Mile Straight" for my tile for this week's challenge. 

Title: Nine Patch,Neuron,Leggo,Mile Straight
Medium: Sakura MIcron Pens and a Pencil

The artist in focus will be raffling one of his books to one lucky winner. So if you want to participate in this week's challenge do visit  her blog at http://suzymoshcreations.blogspot.com/p/thats-new-to-me-weekly-challenge.html

This week's challenge for I am the Diva is to use Tipple as a Monotangle. Here is my entry for this week's challenge

Title: Tipple
Medium:  Sakura Micron Pens and a Sharpie

Do check out her blog http://iamthedivaczt.blogspot.com/ if you want to participate and for some creative inspiration from other artist's. 

This is my entry for last week's  diva challenge. We had to use Umble tangle in our art piece. 

Title: Origami Zen Swan
Medium: Micron Pens by Sakura
Note: I used an expired coupon paper and created an origami swan. After that I tangled on it with my Sakura Micron Pens. 

Title: Zen Birdies

The Zen Birds (see picture above) is inspired from Susan Mcneill's you tube channel and blog. 

I used an wood bird which I found at Michael's. Used watercolor paper and color pencils, sakura micron pens and drew tangles. Then cut it to fit the shape and used Mod Podge to glue them on. I used 2 coats of Mod Podge.

 I am yet to take a picture of the other side of the bird. Will post once  I am done.

 Thank you all for your time and response in advance. Wishing you all a Creative week ahead.

Happy Tangling !

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Monday, June 29, 2015

Barefoot and Summer-- Digital whisper challenge

Here is my entry for this week's Digital whisper  challenge. The theme for this week is "Barefoot".

I created this using my iPad using Sketch club app.

Title: Barefoot
Medium: iPad Painting
Apps used: Sketchclub
 I am yet to figure out how to rotate the above  image by 90 degrees on blogspot. Any ideas?

Since I will be away from  blogging next week I decided to  submit my entry for next week's challenge as well. The theme is Summer. Here are my entries

Title: Bright & Cheery Summer
Apps used: Paper by 53
Medium: iPad art
And for me Summer means time for a yummy ice cream. Here is one more entry for Summer theme

Title: My Yummy Ice cream
Apps used: Artrage
Medium: iPad Art

Thank you all for your time and comments in advance.

Wishing you all a creative week ahead !

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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

That's new to me weekly challenge-- Week #25

 This is my entry to this week's challenge. We have to use any tangle that starts with the letter F. Must use a tangle that we have never used before on our tile. I am glad that I decided to take part in this week's challenge as I got to learn a new tangle. I taught myself how to draw  the Flux tangle from this  website http://tanglepatterns.com/

Totally enjoyed learning a new tangle this week and creating  this tile.

Title: Flux
Medium: Micron Pens and Color Pencils

If you want to participate in this challenge, head over to her blog at http://suzymoshcreations.blogspot.com/

Thank you all wonderful people for your time and comments in advance.

" Anything is possible,one stroke at a time."-- Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas