Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Library Show 2011

My first art show was the Sunnyvale Library Art show which was held in June 11 and 12,2011. This post is all about what I learn't from my paintings. Here's a quick peek at my  paintings 
Title: The Isis Pharaoh
Medium: Coffee
Size: 9 X 12

Title: Finding Nemo
Medium: Acrylic
Size: 9X12
The Isis Pharaoh:

Positive Notes are:
  • I demonstrated that Coffee can now be used Not only for drinking !
  • The theme  chosen for this kind of medium is good. It gives an old vintage feel to the painting.
Suggestions for  further improvement :
  • To work on   composition.
  • To try on different surfaces such as Handmade papers, Cold press watercolor papers, canvas etc. 

Finding Nemo

Since this is my first abstract painting I was told to do more abstracts so that you can get a feel for abstract painting.  Experiment more.

And here's the invite to the show:

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