Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Two challenges in One Tile

This week at That's New To Me Challenge the random letter is "H". We have to use tangles starting from the letter H that you have never used before.  We also have to use any tangle the artist in focus has created on our tile.  The artist in focus for this week is Michele Beauchamp

I used Henna Drum and Heart vine. I used Michele's "Brayd" tangle and "Wist" tangle for this week's challenge. I also used Carole Ohl's " Featherfall" tangle.  I  also used " Poke root" tangle because it is my most favorite tangle and I tend to use it as often as I can. 
For this piece I used Henna Drum as a string to the tile. 

This week at the Diva challenge blog we have to limit our color palette  to 2 to 3 colors. I used Orange and Green Colors.  I used a Sharpie for this week's challenge. I decided I will combine both the challenges in  a single tile. 

Title: Henna Drum, Heart vine, Brayd, Wist, Featherfall and Poke root
Medium: Sakura Micron Pens and  Sharpies

I totally enjoyed this week's TNTM and Diva's challenge. It was fun.  Thank you !

" Every Child Begins the World Again." -- Henry David Thoreau



  1. your combination of colors really makes this pop.

  2. A dazzling combination of colors and tangles. Beautiful!

  3. This tile came out really well. The colors complement the tangles---or is it the other way around?---or, I guess it doesn't matter. ;-) I'm also partial to Poke Root.

  4. Lovely tile with wonderful colours!

  5. You did great! I love your colors and the Pokeroot corners. Thanks for being part of the challenge this week!

  6. Such an interesting colour combination - I really enjoyed it.

  7. Clever to fit everything into one tile,

  8. Very nice tile! Henna drum is one of my favourite patterns and I like the colour you chose.
    Great work :-)

  9. So pretty! I love the shade of orange - it is lovely with the green. Nicely done!