Friday, March 25, 2016

My Tribute to Cecil the Lion !

I started this painting right about the time Cecil was in the news but I got to finish  it only  early this year.

Title: Tribute to Cecil
Medium: Pen and Ink on Watercolor paper and  Colored Digitally using the iPad.

My painting won second place at the monthly art competition at Sunnyvale Art Club monthly meeting on Feb 18,2016. The theme of the art competition was "Portraits"

Title: Apsara
Medium: iPad Art
Apps used: Sketchclub

Early Feb,2016  my pet squirrel painting  made it to the cover of  Kathy Qi's  Key2arts  newsletter-Newsletter Issue 78 Bay Area Art Events (Feb 1-10)

Here is the link to her newsletter:

Here is a picture of Tulips in full bloom at my patio garden

Title: Garden Goddess -- Tulips
Medium: iPhone Photography

Wish you all a Happy and Colorful Spring !


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