Monday, July 11, 2016

My entries to this week's challenges

"Baby" is the theme for this week's Digital Whisper Challenge. Here are my entries for this challenge: 

Title: Look who wants to hitch hike with you
Medium: iPad Art
Apps used: Sculpt + and Procreate

Note: The above iPad Art is a part of the humor series that I am working on. The elephant is digitally  sculpted using the app Sculpt + app by Autodesk. I then  painted the elephant using the same app. I then saved it it onto my iPad camera roll and imported this image onto Procreate. The background is painted using the app Procreate. Picture of Baby taken from Graphics Fairy. 

Here is one more as a part of the humor series :

Title: Cute Baby
Medium: iPad Art
Apps used: Paper by 53 and Procreate

Note: Picture of Baby taken from Graphics Fairy. The rest is my creation. The dictionary page taken from Google Images. 

"Party" is the theme for this week's challenge at Illustration Friday. This is my entry for this challenge

Title: The Party is Here!
Apps used: Artisian, iColorama and Sketch Club
Medium: iPad Art

Doing Zumba is my other passion.I have been doing Zumba since 2012 and  I just love swinging to its moves. This painting is inspired with Zumba on my mind.

" Tropical" is the theme for June 2016 monthly challenge. This challenge is at Lisa's Facebook Group at Lachri Fine Art. My own reference photo has been used. 

Title: Bird of Paradise
Medium: iPad Art
Apps used: Procreate

I thank you all for your time and comments over here. Your comments keep me motivated to create more art.

 " The Littlest Feet Make The Biggest Footprints In Our Hearts.


  1. Beautiful and colorful artwork, I especially like your baby on the elephant fun and whimsical.

  2. Nice work. The Zumba art caught my eye. I love Zumba!! Thanks for playing in this challenge ;)