Monday, June 1, 2015

Digital Whisper-- Venus Challenge

Here is my entry for Digital Whisper's -- Venus challenge. All done using an iPad. App used here is Procreate.

The background is an abstract painting that I created early last year using the Procreate app. Venus both Planet and Goddess images are taken from Google.

I thank you all  for your time and comments/response in advance.

Wishing you all a Creative week ahead !

Title: The Beautiful Goddess -- Venus
Medium: iPad Art
Apps used: Procreate
" Take time to play,it is the secret of staying young."


  1. Botticelli's Venus in vivid color! Creative and lovely.

  2. A wonderful take on this week's theme. Love the Apps effect. The colours are amazing.

  3. I love the colors! Great work!

  4. Beautiful colors! Fantastic entry for this challenge and thanks for participating :)