Tuesday, January 26, 2016

New post for the new year

I have been  having a lot of things in my mind lately and hence could not blog for the new year. I hope everyone had a creative new year !

This week at the Diva's weekly challenge we have to use a tangle as a string. I chose the tangle " Ixorus" as my string for this challenge. The only change I made was I did not draw the auras around the half moon shape instead I drew tangles in those spaces. Hope you like it.

Title: Ixorus Tangle
Medium: Pen and Ink with  Color Pencils

In my last post I mentioned that I taken  a class on Mosaics Art. Here are some of my Mosaic art pieces.  These are my first pieces and I totally enjoyed doing these.

Title: Heart Mosaics by Indirect Method

Title: Flower Mosaics by Direct Method

And  finally here is a still life painting created using the iPad. This painting is inspired by Birger Sandzen ( 1871-1954). I had seen the artist's works on the " American Art Review" magazine and was inspired to try one of the artist's work.

Title: Fruits in an Indian Bowl
Medium: iPad Art
Apps used: Sketch club

With that I will leave you all with a quote for you to ponder on.

Take care and Happy Creating/Tangling!

" Life is a school. There is something new to learn wherever we may be, wherever we go, wherever we turn." 


  1. Life most definitely is a school. We may not always enjoy all the classes, but we still have to show up. The trick is to know when to pick a different class. OK, enough with that metaphor. I admit I have to go look up "Izorus". So many tangles, so little time, but it worked very well for your response to the Diva's challenge. Your composition is very well done. I don't know if you did it before or after your mosaic class, but there does seem to be a mosaic feeling to some of it.

  2. Gosh you did well with Ixorus. It is not an obvious choice and yet it has come out well.

  3. I like your Ixorus tile, not seen that tangle used in this challenge before :-)
    The mosaic pieces are also very pretty.

  4. Nice job, your mosaic pieces are perfectly Zentangle also!