Friday, October 7, 2016

A celebration of Animals !

For the months of October 2016 and November 2016 my paintings will be up at " For Other Living Things"  located at 1261 S Mary Avenue,Sunnyvale,CA. I share this space with two other local artists. Please feel free to visit the store if you are an animal lover like yours truly.

Being fond of animals  especially the "wild" kind,  I dedicate this post to all types of animals.

Pictures below are the paintings that will be up for Oct and Nov, 2016 at the store

Medium: Pen and Ink with Colored Pencils on Watercolor Paper
 Also linking this to Jake Parker's Inktober Challenge -- #inktober  and #inktober2016

Title: Adopt Me!
Medium: iPad Art
Apps used: Only the Pencil feature in the App Procreate

Title: Best Friends
Medium: Colored Pencils on Watercolor Paper

Title: Finding Nemo
Medium: Acrylics on 9 by 12" canvas

Pictures below are my entries to Colored Pencil Magazine's  Aug 2016 monthly challenge -- Beginner Category.
Photo Reference Credit: Sally Robertson

Title: American Bull Dog
Medium: Kohinoor Wood-less Colored Pencils and Watercolor Pencils  on Canson's Acid Free Sketch Paper 

The picture below is my entry to the Colored Pencil magazine's Annual Art Competition

Title: The Madhubani Peacock
Medium: Colored Pencils on Canson's Acid Free sketch paper

 Picture below is  One more entry to Jake Parker's Inktober Challenge. The Mule Deer is  created using Pen and Ink on watercolor paper--  #inktober2016 and  #inktober

With this I will conclude this post with a picture of one my most favorite animal from the animal kingdom. Picture taken from Jane Goodall Institute. 

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